Official Logos

Items intended for promotional purposes (i.e., to be given away) or for resale (i.e., intended to be sold to the public) which bear any university trademark, including the university name, must be produced by an approved licensee. Anyone selling unlicensed merchandise, both on campus or otherwise, will be required to halt their sales and potentially relinquish all unlicensed merchandise.

To become an official TAMU-CC licensee for resale purposes, apply here.

To purchase promotion items, visit the Branded Promotional Items page to get started. Please note that promotional items must follow the Branded Items University Procedure, including pre-approval by the appropriate divisional vice president prior to purchase.

Refer to our logo guidelines for the appropriate use of university logos.

Colleges and divisions can download their current co-brand logos below.

To request a co-brand logo for your department, or for any questions related to university logo use, contact

Horizontal University Logo

Vertical University Logo

Condensed University Logo

Block University Logo

University Seal

University Flag



Islanders Athletics Logo

Primary Standing Izzy

Standing Izzy With Name

Surfing Izzy

Izzy Head

The head logo can not be used on promotional items without the use of "Islanders" or the university name included in the design.

The Shaka

The Shaka is the hand symbol representing Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The official Shaka logo may be used by any university department, program, or Recognized Student Organization for the purpose of non-resale promotions and spirit-building. The Shaka logo should always be displayed with the palm facing toward the body; thumb up, pinky down and cannot be used on promotional items without the use of “Islanders” or the university name included in the design.

College and Division Co-Brand Logos