Unified Email Signatures

Emails sent from “tamucc.edu” are considered official university communication and are a representation of the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi brand. It’s important to present email signatures in a professional and unified manner, just as one would with a traditional printed business card.

Below, we included a list of suggestions designed to maximize contact information while also promote the institution in a consistent, branded format.

  • Use a simple 12pt standard font (preferred) or your email client’s default font.
  • Do not include additional images or logos within the email signature, as many are blocked by external email clients and mobile devices.
  • Use plain text—in lieu of rich text—to ensure the signature is compatible with all email clients and devices.
  • Do not use colors, special fonts, italics, and graphics such as clipart, gifs, seals, badges, or emoticons.
  • Go wider rather than longer and use pipes (|) to separate components.
  • Refrain from using quotes to avoid the potential confusion of external audiences who may assume the quote represents the university’s official slogan, ideology, or brand promise.
  • Email signatures that do not follow the guidelines may reflect poorly on the university and can be damaging to the university’s reputation.

The signature templates provided here are for faculty and staff use and not to be used by students or student workers.

Content within the template can be edited, but the template cannot be altered.


Common additions include, but are not limited to, preferred pronouns, TAMU-CC alumni graduation year(s), and a confidentiality clause.

Space for additional departmental needs must be approved by your division vice president.

Examples include:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Schedule a tour
  • Complete a request form
  • Promotion of university-wide initiative or signature event

In order to help you create your new email signatures, we have developed a dynamic email signature creation form found below. Please select the option below that best fits your area.