Positioning Statement, Tagline, and Points of View

  • Who: Known across the state, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is
  • What: a public comprehensive research and teaching university in South Texas
  • For Whom: serving students, alumni, local businesses and industry, and the greater community.
  • Against Whom: Unlike larger universities that aren’t equipped to provide personalized education,
  • Different How: TAMU-CC’s commitment to service and deep expertise in the culture, environment, and economy of the Gulf of Mexico and South Texas
  • So What: better prepares students for a meaningful career and helps them find their purpose in life.


America’s #1 College by the Sea

Academic Point of View

Located on its own island along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi provides students rare and rewarding learning opportunities across all of our programs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi delivers the quality education expected of the Texas A&M University System and additional insight from the scientific, artistic, economic, policy, and sociological perspective unique to the Gulf economy. With the only marine research institute dedicated solely to advancing the long-term sustainable use and conservation of the world’s ninth-largest body of water, TAMU-CC provides international leadership for the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem and its critical role in the economies of the North American region.

Our robust engagement with government, cultural leaders, and business communities offers students invaluable access to real-world experience and beneficial professional connections. These career-launching, hands-on opportunities equip our students with enhanced readiness for a purposeful and successful career journey.

Cultural Point of View

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi is all about balance. Our energizing and naturally beautiful island location provides a respite when you need a break from studying. Our hard-working student body and stress-reducing environment create a community that is both supportive and relaxing. Our students enjoy a positive lifestyle through healthy living, outdoor activities, community involvement, environmental conservation, participation in the arts, and by the camaraderie of cheering on our Division I athletic teams. On the island, students make close friendships and support one another’s success.