Paying Your Bill

How can I find out my current account balance?

A student can log into SAIL and go to the Bill/Payment Suite to find their overall account balance and/or specific term balance.  Once a student has logged into the Bill/Payment Suite on the main page an overall account balance will be listed.  To find the balance for a specific term click on Account Activity under the My Account section on the main page .  Then choose the term from the drop down menu and click Go.  The balance will be located at the bottom of the page.

How do I get to the Bill/Payment Suite?

To get to the Bill/Payment Suite go to SAIL, click on Login to SAIL, and enter login ID and pin code to login. Once logged into SAIL click on Student, then Student Account and then Bill/Payment Suite.

What features can be found in the Bill/Payment Suite?

The Bill/Payment Suite offers the following features: Online payments via check or credit card (Discover, American Express & Master Card), Electronic Bills, Email Notifications, Installment Payment Plans, Emergency Tuition Loans, Sign up Authorized Users, Payment Reminders for the Installment Plans and Emergency Tuition Loan, Limited Text Message Notifications, and Schedule Payments for future dates.

How do I make a payment online?

Log on to SAIL and go to the Bill/Payment Suite. Click on Make a Payment. Choose the correct term when making a payment. A payment can also be set up to process on a future date by changing the date. If a payment is scheduled for a future date that is past the due date, a late fee will still be assessed to the student account. Please see Important Dates for each term/semester due dates.

How do I pay my bill with my financial aid?

Grants, Loans and University Scholarships will post to a student's account approximately 10 days prior to the first day of the main session of the term, if the aid has been received by the University and the student has met all financial aid disbursement requirements. Once the aid posts to the student's account, any balance owed to the Business Office will be deducted. If the student's aid is greater than their balance due, the residual funds will be delivered to them via their refund preference selected at BankMobile. For more information on BankMobile Disbursements, please visit

When will I receive my financial aid?

Each student is different. It will depend on when the student submits all financial aid documentation. The earliest that financial aid can be applied to the student’s Business Office account is 10 days prior to the main session of the semester. Once the Office of Financial Assistance begins applying financial aid to a student's Business Office account the refund process will begin for the semester. Refunds are processed twice a week. During peak period there may be additional refund runs. Please refer to Tentative Refund Schedule and choose the semester in question for the specific dates. A refund of financial aid does not begin until there is a credit balance on a student's account. For more information on your financial aid status contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 1-361-825-2338 option #4 or log on to SAIL.

My financial aid has not posted to my account yet. What is the status?

To verify awards, award status, awards not appearing on a student's Business Office account, or other questions concerning the financial aid process, log into SAIL and view your Financial Aid Status. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance if you need further assistance at 361-825-2338 Option #4.

My financial aid might not arrive by the payment deadline for Tuition and Fees. Do I have to pay with my own funds?

If a student's financial aid is enough to cover the account in full and all financial aid required documentation and process are complete then the Business Office can wait until the student's aid is applied to their account and the student will not have to make a personal payment by the deadline for the semester. If the financial aid is not enough to cover the account in full then the student must pay the difference by the due date to avoid late fees and/or deregistration of classes. Should all financial aid documentation and processes not be completed, the student will be required to a make payment in full by the due date to avoid late fees and/or deregistration of classes. The Business Office does have payment options (Installment Plans and Emergency Tuition Loans) if the student is unable to pay the balance in full by the due date.

For more questions on how to pay your bill, contact the Business Office