Installment Plan

Students utilizing the installment plan option must execute an electronic agreement which sets forth the conditions and repayment schedule of the payment plan selected. A partial payment toward tuition and fees made outside the installment plan process is not considered an installment payment and the class schedule is subject to de-registration. To choose a payment plan a student must sign up on line through SAIL.  For more information on the installment payment plan click on Payment Options.

The Installment plan is unavailable in the Full term summer sessions, however, Emergency Tuition Loans are available in the full term summer sessions for those that may qualify.  Please click Here for more information regarding the Emergency Tuition Loan. 

Any payments made, including any financial aid awarded, will be applied towards any student balance, installment plan or emergency tuition loan even if they are not due. Refunds are not issued unless all tuition and fees are paid.

Any payments received after their due dates will be assessed a $25.00 late fee per payment and a hold will be placed on your account. No transcripts or registration will be allowed until the balance is paid in full.