Photography Style

Candid, colorful, and diverse photography is the focal point in demonstrating The Explorer brand personality while telling the university’s story of quality, excellence, and purpose-driven promise. To access our Islander photo repository for university-owned, up-to-date images, visit


Candid Photo Samples Feature people actively engaged in academic, service, or social activities that tell the story of the university.
  • Show subjects engaged in activity
  • Have working/studying subjects appear focused and studious
  • Capture students working directly with relevant course material
  • Show sedentary, unengaged subjects
  • Use too much artificial lighting
  • Over-stage subjects


Colorful Photo Examples

Look for subjects and backgrounds with high-contrasting colors and environments that showcase the Island.

  • Capture subjects in vibrant colors and wearing university branding/colors when possible
  • Be aware of inadequate lighting and low-contrast situations
  • Capture students wearing branding from other universities or companies


Diverse Photo Examples

Our students have many interests. Be sure to capture a variety of ages, genders, ethnicities, academic, and recreational activities.

  • Capture students working directly with relevant course material
  • Select multiple photos from a single gender or cultural group when more are available.