Branded Promotional Items

The university’s brand is more than a logo or color palette; it is a representation of our core values and identity. As such, it is important to maintain brand consistency across campus including branded promotional items. These items are useful in new student recruitment and community engagement when used strategically; therefore, the university has a procedure to manage the purchase of branded promotional items.

Branded Items Purchase Procedure for Faculty & Staff

To begin the process, please complete the required approval form. It will automatically route to your division’s designated approver for review. View the complete list of approvers.

Make sure you plan ahead and allow time for approvals to route. If your request is denied, you will receive an email and need to make changes and/or an alternate request. It is recommended that you allow two weeks for this process.

Once approved, you will receive an email confirming approval. You may then proceed with obtaining bids for your promotional items purchase through our Agora bid acquisition platform. This platform allows you to receive bids from multiple licensed vendors in one place and select the vendor that best meets your needs and budget.

After reviewing and selecting the vendor's quote, artwork for your promotional purchase will route through the artwork approval process. If approved, you can then proceed with placing your order. AgoraCX is a bid acquisition platform only. Once you have accepted a vendor's quote in the Agora platform, contact the vendor directly to place your order and arrange payment via a Purchase Order or P-card following university purchasing guidelines. Note - production for your order will not start until you have coordinated payment with the selected vendor.

If you are new to the Agora platform, you will need to register for an account. Once you receive confirmation of your account, you can sign in here. There is also a how-to guide and a link to the Agora training site below you can refer to that details the step by step process when working in Agora.

Promotional and Recruitment Materials Requests

Many offices on campus routinely receive requests from school districts and businesses who want to display posters, flags, pennants, or other university memorabilia in their workspaces. To streamline this process, we direct them to the promotional and recruitment materials request form. The Division of Enrollment Management fulfills these requests in cooperation with Marketing and Communications and serves as the official campus unit to respond to requests of this nature. This process also ensures that the university is not fulfilling duplicate requests for promotional items.