Branded Promotional Item Tips

Here are some tips to help guide your decision on what promotional items best fit your needs based on the event and your budget.

What types of promotional items are best?

T-shirts are always popular and useful
  • They are reusable and hold their value over time
  • People love a free shirt
  • Wearing it creates visibility for the university
  • Do not put a date on your shirt; this gives greater longevity to your promotional inventory
People also like pens
  • They can be bought in bulk and distributed over time
  • This achieves savings with economies of scale
Reusable bags/totes
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is popular
  • This also creates opportunities for our brand to be visible
Stickers are popular with students

Avoid coffee cups/water bottles
  • There has been an abundance of cups and water bottles ordered in the past, so we do not recommend ordering these items due to their limited effectiveness.

Consider Your Audience

The primary university logo is best for promotional items
  • It creates stronger brand awareness and affinity
  • Everyone has affinity to the university; not everyone has affinity to a program
Giveaways should be used primarily for recruitment purposes

Is the promotional item for internal usage?
  • If it is a thank you gift, can you say it a different way?
  • If it is for an event, does the giveaway relate to the event?
  • If it is for an event, how does the giveaway help?

Other Tips

Plan ahead
  • It takes time to get approval and move through the purchasing process
  • If items are out of stock or in short supply, you may need another selection
  • Avoid paying rush fees!
  • Consider bundling an order for savings
    • Partner with other areas for a bulk order/lower price per item

  • Using the Agora portal ensures you are purchasing from a licensed vendor which is required for all promotional item purchases
    • Brings funding back to the university in royalties
    • Vendors are already set up for tax exempt purchases
    • Ensures you are following university style guides
    • Marcom can assist you with vendor printing errors or other issues if they arise

  • Avoid items with expiration dates
    • Items like lotions/sunscreens have expiration dates
    • Food items (candy/mints)