Facility Inspections

In order to maintain compliance with University policies and all applicable federal and state laws, the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) must perform scheduled inspections of all animal housing rooms, surgical suites, and support spaces. The Facility Inspections are conducted to ensure labs are complying with the regulations relating to animal research. 

Inspections occur on a semi-annual basis and are conducted by members of the IACUC.

Timing: Investigators must submit and receive approval from TAMU-CC IACUC before beginning research.

Preparing for an Inspection

The IACUC follows the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, as well as federal regulations pertaining to animal care and use facilities, to guide their inspections.

The purpose of these facility inspections is not to get labs in trouble, but rather to help keep labs in compliance with the regulatory bodies.

Click below to download an inspection checklist:

Semiannual Facility Inspection.Aquatic Animal Housing and Support Areas Checklist

Semiannual Facility Inspection.Terrestrial Animal Housing and Support Areas Checklist

Semiannual Facility Inspection.Special Facilities Checklist

Semiannual Facility Inspection.Cagewash Area Checklist