Study Closure

When can I close an Animal Use Permit?

When all research and teaching activities involving animals has concluded. Once a study has concluded and there is no plan to renew or continue the research outlined in an approved IACUC protocol, the Principal Investigator must ensure that the protocol has been closed and the IACUC has been informed regarding the disposition of the protocol. 

How do I start a study closure form?

  •  Login to iRIS
  • On the study assistant dashboard, find the protocol in the All Studies table.

  • Under Actions, select click Forms. 

  • Select TAMU-CC IACUC Study Closure to open the online amendment submission form. 

Study Closure Training

Submitting a Study Closure

For More Information:

Join our IACUC-Investigator Teams Channel/Submitting to the IACUC-Study Closure