Annual and De Novo Review

Reduce Research Regulatory Burden Initiative: IACUC Annual Review Requirement Eliminated 

Recent rulemaking by USDA and PHS amended the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to remove the requirement for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to conduct a continuing review of research activities involving animals. AWA Research Facility Registration Updates, Reviews, and Reports, 86 FR 66919-66926 (November 24, 2021). Rregulations now require a complete resubmission and review of such activities at least every 3 years.  

On September 9, 2022, the IACUC approved revised Standard Operating Procedure 700.01 to eliminate the annual review requirement for non-DoD-funded animal use protocols to align with the recent regulation changes.  

Impact on new protocols submitted after September 9, 2022:  

Incoming submissions will get a 3-year expiration date under the revised policy. 

Triennial De Novo Review

Triennial review is a complete (de novo) IACUC review of the previously approved protocol that is federally required every three years to receive continued approval of ongoing activities on the protocol.  

To begin a Triennial De Novo Review, use the same process to create a new protocol:

  • Login to iRIS.

  • At the top of the investigator dashboard, click Create a New Protocol.

 Create a New Protocol

  • Or use the copy feature in iRIS to create a copy of your currently approved submission


Submitting a De Novo Submission in iRIS - Coming Soon 

For More Information: IACUC-Investigator Teams Channel/Submitting to the IACUC - De Novo Review