Videos & Multimedia

Video content is considered the most engaging web content on social media and websites, so it is important to make sure they are accessible to everyone to increase your engagement. Video content is treated like a full information and communications technologies (ICT) product. It should conform with all WCAG 2.1 AA technical accessibility standards by April 24, 2026.

The most common requirements involved in making videos and multimedia accessible include:

Hosting Audio and Video Content

Important: Please contact Digital Learning and Academic Innovation (DLAI) or Web Services about appropriate locations for hosting your audio and video files for use in online learning or a website.

Per TAC 206.70, having trouble loading a page, document, or content (e.g., audio, video) is now a success criteria for accessible content, and it makes sense. If you are out in a rural area but need access to content, you (or your device) will more than likely give up if the content does not load, rendering you unable to "access" the content.

Audio and video files are typically large files.

  • If you want to watch or listen to one, you have to download it first. That is the problem for non-streaming servers, like placing a video directly on this website. It is not set up to handle people trying to access large files, nor simultaneous access to large files.
  • The more people who attempt to access these files, the more stress on the bandwidth for the website, slowing services down for everyone.
  • When people have to wait too long for content to load, they give up. When everyone has to wait too long for content to load, a website is no longer accessible to the community.

Servers dedicated to streaming audio and video files reduce these load-time issues. Streaming allows people to download as they go: they can download a portion and view it while the rest of the file is downloading in the background. These servers specifically manage the traffic of all these people wanting to view large files. Common ones include YouTube and Mediasite.