Replacement Cycle Guidelines

Faculty & Staff Computers

The TAMU-CC Technology Management Program's (TMP) goal is to allow for the replacement of computers for employees and education (e.g., classrooms and labs) at regular intervals currently at five years but can change as budget demands. DoIT will notify you when it is time for replacement.

You can check the status of your replacement by submitting a "Request a Desktop or Laptop" ticket in the Service Portal or calling the IT Service Desk at  (361) 825-2692.

Replacement activities are focused, but not limited to, the quarterly schedule as detailed below:

  • September - November (Q1): Faculty and Staff
  • December - May (Q2 & Q3): Classrooms, Faculty, and Staff
  • June - August (Q4): Computer Labs

Recycled Computers

Subject to availability, additional recycled computers can be requested by departments. These computers may be used for student workers, part-time faculty or staff, research, contract employees, and kiosks. Recycled computers are older and will therefore be re-evaluated for appropriate business use annually.

Lab & Classroom Equipment

Technology maintenance and replacement are important in centrally supported spaces – DoIT Computer Labs and Tec-rooms (technology-enhanced classrooms) - across TAMU-CC’s campus. Standardization of technology in these spaces enables efficient scheduling and effective utilization of the facilities by a breadth of campus. As a general principle, it is expected that spaces such as classrooms and computer labs will migrate toward shared usage to promote institutional efficiencies.

To recognize the importance of these spaces, the TMP provides technology in DoIT Computer Labs and Tec-rooms to empower teaching, learning, and remote collaboration. Centrally Supported learning spaces will be equipped with Windows-based computers. Non-Windows computers may be placed in some locations based upon academic program requirements.

For more information see Requirements for Centrally Supported Learning Spaces.

Available For: Faculty, Staff