Centrally Managed Guidelines

Centrally managed classrooms have been configured with a standard set of technology to ensure a consistent experience. These classrooms are equipped with either a projector or display, a Windows 10 computer with a built-in DVD drive, PTZ or web camera, microphone, laptop connection, and a document camera. Additionally, these rooms have touch panel automation to make the use of the technology features easier to navigate with remote help and monitoring features available.

Contact the IT Service Desk for training on classroom equipment or to dispatch assistance.

The IT Service Desk will dispatch support for an active class in session within 10 minutes of receiving the request.

Rules to be Designated as a Centrally Managed Classroom/Lab

  1. Classroom/Labs must not be locked while the building is open for student use.
  2. Classroom/Labs must not be designated for a particular college or class which may deny any student to use it.
  3. Classroom/Lab must be able to be scheduled by any College or Department for normal scheduled classes or ad hoc purposes.
  4. Only Technology/Software used centrally by all disciplines will be maintained and funded.