Technology Management Program

The TAMU-CC Technology Management Program (TMP) provides quality, cost-effective computing device replacements to TAMU-CC faculty, staff, labs, and classrooms at regular intervals. The purpose of the program is to fully utilize computing equipment on the TAMU-CC campus and to effectively administer University funds. The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) plans, and coordinates the replacement cycle, with the goals of enabling Anytime, Anywhere Access capabilities, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and minimizing interruptions of service to Faculty, Staff, and Students. TMP-funded replacements allow departments to fully utilize their budget funds for non-technology initiatives. Asset management will continue to reside with the department’s accountable property officer for inventory purposes. Devices that have aged out and/or need replacement will be returned to DoIT.  Assets still capable of meeting the minimum standards for campus use may be redeployed to support student workers, part-time staff, research, or kiosks.

Available For: Faculty, Staff