Computer Request Guidelines

The following guidelines will be used for equipment provided through the TMP. These standards may also provide direction to departments or individuals when requesting additional technology equipment.

For purposes of the TMP:

  • Faculty refers to tenured, tenure-track, or professional faculty that are full-time
  • Staff refers to full-time, benefits-eligible staff based on EEO category

EEO category can be accessed within Workday under Profile, Job Profile, Job Details. EEO category is listed in the Job Classification section towards the bottom.

EEO categories included:

  • 1 - Executive / Administrative / Managerial
  • 2 - Faculty
  • 3 - Professional / Non-Faculty
  • 4 - Secretary / Clerical
  • 5 - Technical / Paraprofessional

In addition to the EEO category, individuals must also be listed as FTE 100% full-time.

Equipment Replacement Details

Eligible full-time faculty and staff in EEO categories 1-5:

  • Windows or Mac Laptop
  • 27" Monitor (as needed)
  • Docking Station (as needed)
  • Wired USB Headset

Eligible adjunct faculty, staff in EEO categories 6 & 7, and student workers including graduate assistants:

  • Recycled Desktop or Laptop


Faculty and staff may request different hardware specifications and/or additional computers other than the standard specification and guidelines. Exception requests will be purchased with a combination of TMP and the requesting department's funds. Exceptions to this plan should be consistent with the ability to facilitate Anytime, Anywhere Access and enable business continuity. Requests for exceptions will be reviewed for budgetary approval by the department head and DoIT. Exceptions should come in for review to DoIT via a ticket placed at prior to putting requests in Islander Buy. Please allow for 6-8 weeks additional time to process exception requests.

Available For: Faculty, Staff