Quick Guide for Onboarding New Faculty

This website is to help those responsible for successfully transitioning new faculty into our Islander community.  Download the Department Checklist for Onboarding Faculty below.

Prior To Arrival

Contact HR if the new faculty member is a foreign national.  The process to obtain work authorization for a foreign national can take several weeks.  Contact the HR Immigration Specialist at x2198 to ensure the work authorization process has begun. 

Obtain a copy of the appointment letter.  The appointment letter provides job title and other information necessary to complete the hire process in Workday.  The letter may have other information regarding commitments made in the offer that require additional actions.  Retain a copy of this letter in your departmental files.  Contact the Office of the Dean if the department has not been provided a copy.

Confirm UIN and A# received from HR.  HR will create the UIN and A# (Banner ID).  HR emails the UIN and A# to the employing department and other units involved in the onboarding process.  Contact HR at x2630 if you have not received this information.

Submit Credentialing Documents & Faculty Data Form. The Guidelines and Procedures for Credentialing Faculty and the necessary forms are found on the Academic Affairs main page. Follow your college's procedures for collecting and completing these forms for submission. A complete credentialing packet must be submitted to Academic Affairs for final processing. 

  • Contact Wendy Benderman at x2838 for assistance.

IT Access.  An Island ID is needed to provide access to Outlook, campus WIFI, Blackboard, Dreamworks, Astra, Argos. IT communicates directly with the new hire once the account is created. Access to SSO is also automatically established once a UIN is created.  The department must take steps to secure access to other IT systems including:  Banner, Degree Planner. Upon certification of academic credentials by Academic Affairs, Blackboard access is activated.

  • Visit the IT site for more information.  

Banner Access. Faculty who only need access to Faculty Self-Service do not need to complete a Banner Access form. The Office of the Provost assigns the required FERPA course and activates access to Faculty Self Service upon receipt of the credentialing and data forms.

  • To obtain access to other Banner components, complete the Access form

  • For more information contact the Computer Help line at x2692.

Telephone Access. Submit an email to ITRequests@tamucc.edu that contains name, UIN, extension and account number for long distance call charges.  Indicate whether or not a voicemail and/or password reset is necessary.  The IT Service Desk can provide the new faculty member with information on setting up voice mail, telephone usage instructions and information about WebEx.  Departments are encouraged to submit a spreadsheet with the required information as early as possible. Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance if office location has not been determined. 

  • FMI call x2692  

Building Access & Keys.  This process is required for both Sandollar card access and regular key access.  The new faculty member and their administrative assistant will be contacted by the University Police Department when their keys are ready for pick up.   

  • UPD information on security access can be found here.

  • Contact UPD for assistance at x3739.  

Office Environment.  Prepare office space by removing files and items not needed.  Stock the office with basic office supplies and resource information for the University and the College.  Ensure desktop computer has been set up and ready for new user. 

Other Important Tasks that Need Attention Prior to Arrival:

  • Confirm that necessary textbook orders have been placed.  If necessary, obtain desk copies.

  • Obtain class syllabi.

  • Order door plate and business cards.

  • Update departmental web site. 

On the First Day

  • Confirm Sandollar ID obtained

  • Check key status and explain building access process

  • Provide information about IT access

  • Provide long distance PIN

  • Provide copier access code and library copier code

  • Confirm New Faculty Member has completed Employment Onboarding and I-9 Process within Workday

Within the First Week

  • CONCUR set-up

  • Obtain office hours

  • Process relocation reimbursement

  • Provide Procurement Card & Travel Credit card applications if applicable

  • FERPA Training

  • Provide a departmental orientation to cover:

    • Use of media & media assistance

    • Phones in classroom & safety

    • Process for field trips

    • Information security for lap tops

    • Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide

    • Code Blue Emergency Notification Systems

    • Departmental mail and shipping processes

    • Reserving facilities

    • Information on Research Office, Grants, etc.

    • Process for hiring students

    • Outside employment reporting

Within the First Week 30 DAYS

  • Confirm New Faculty on monthly BVD

  • Confirm receipt of travel & procurement card if applicable

  • Confirm completion of mandatory State & TAMUS training

  • Schedule additional training if necessary:

    • Lab safety

    • Travel for field trips training

    • Cart use

    • Child Protection & Summer Camps