I-9 Services

Roles and Responsibility

Electronic I-9 System

  • Employees must log in to Guardian to sign Section One of the I-9 on or before their hire date.  

Employment Eligibility Documents

  • Employees must visit Human Resources to turn in employment eligibility documents.  Remote I-9 instructions are below. 

  • I-9 Acceptable Documents 

Each department is responsible for ensuring the I-9 is completed before a new employee begins working.  

It is critical to the success of our I-9 program that those with hiring authority comply with the prescribed timelines. We need to ensure compliance and help the university avoid any penalties and fines associated with noncompliance.


New employees are to follow these steps to complete a Form I-9 remotely:   

Step One

  • Complete the first page of the Form I-9 using the unique link received by email. 

Step Two

Step Three

  • The remote agent will receive an email from perfect compliance to complete the section page of the I-9 electronically. During the completion, they will be given an option to upload your documents to the system directly.

A remote agent can be a supervisor, personnel officer, notary public, friend, relative, or another individual that must physically examine each document, with you being physically present.

I-9 Timelines – No Exceptions, No Extensions, No Excuses!

I-9 Section 1 - A new employee must complete an I-9 form on or before (no later than) the first day of employment (first day of work for pay). Offer letters should advise new employees that they are subject to the I-9 employment verification and of their obligation to complete the I-9 process.  Section 1 of the I-9 form will be sent to the employee via email with a unique link. 

I-9 Section 2 - Must be completed by the remote agent within three business days of the employee’s hire.

I-9 Section 3 – Designated for employee name changes, rehires, and re-verification of employment authorization. This part of the form is completed by HR as needed.


E-Verify is an internet-based system that compares information from an I-9 Form to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.  TAMUCC must E-Verify new employees on or before the 3rd day of employment. 

On June 10, 2015 Texas Governor Gregg Abbott signed a bill that requires state agencies and institutions of higher education to verify the new employee’s employment authorization through E-Verify.  This law is in effect as of September 1, 2015.  Accordingly, the Texas A&M System Policy 33.99.12 pertaining to New Employee Processing, requires compliance with the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Process and E-Verify.

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