Alternate Work Location Requests


What approval is needed for employees to work from an Alternate Work Location (AWL)?

Alternate Work Location and Telework Agreement Form

AWL requests require approval from the applicable Vice President; approval from the President is required for units that do not report to a Vice President.  An AWL can be temporary or long-term.  The arrangement shall be initially evaluated after six (6) months and reevaluated annually thereafter. An AWL that results in significant changes to the essential functions of the job will require a review of the position by Human Resources prior to approval from the President or applicable Vice President. 

Requests for an Alternate Work Location - Not Due to a Disability

Managers cannot request or collect any medical information and employees should not include any medical information on the AWL request. If the request is due to a disability, follow procedures as outlined below.

An employee who is not sick, but required to quarantine per CDC guidelines, should be approved to work at Alternate Work Location if there is work that can be done remotely.  You may contact Human Resources for additional information regarding employee leave programs if the employee cannot work remotely.

Requests for an Alternate Work Location - Due to a Disability

Any request from an employee to work remotely due to a disability must be referred to the Office of Employee Development and Compliance Services (EDCS)/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator.  This will ensure full compliance with required ADA processes.  An AWL request due to a disability cannot be approved without coordination with EDCS. It is important to note that reasonable accommodations will be determined by the ADA Coordinator and are not determined by the employee.