Many of the FREE services SSS-STEM provides are organized into workshops. Workshops are held year-round and provide opportunities for students to develop new skills, gain valuable information, meet their peers, and participate in community service.

Workshops can be held in-person, virtually, and as recorded videos available to students on our Canvas page.

To remain in good standing with the SSS-STEM program, we ask that students attend 2 workshops per semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Workshop Photo Gallery

Spring 2023 Sense of Belonging

Students, staff, and faculty participated in our Sense of Belonging Paint Night.

Spring 2023 Yoga Workshop

Students partake in Stess Relief via Yoga with our own Program Coordinator Julia.

Fall 2022 Graduation Celebration

Celebrating our Fall 2022 Graduates!

University of Houston - Clear Lake and NASA Space Center Field Trip

Students visited the University of Houston - Clear Lake and learned about the graduate programs available. Afterwards, students explored the NASA Space Center and learned about space exploration.

Texas TRIO Student Leadership Conference 2022

Students attended the Texas TRIO Student Leadership Conference in Arlington, TX where the focus was "Life After College" and centered around Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Financial Literacy, and Expanding your Education.

Spring and Summer 2022 Graduation Celebration

Celebrating our Spring and Summer 2022 Graduates!

SSS-STEM Dinner and a Show

Students enjoy a night out at Brewster Street Ice House and Harbor Playhouse to see Moana Jr

Spring 2022 Sense of Belonging and Women's History Month Celebration

Women's History Month Cookout and talking about Sense of Belonging

National TRIO Day

Appreciating the history of TRIO and meeting current students and staff

National First Generation Day

Celebrating our First Generation students

SSS-STEM Paint Night

Painting Fireflies with SSS-STEM