Individual Staff Meetings

The goal of SSS-STEM is to increase the retention and graduation rates of STEM students with underrepresented backgrounds (low-income, first generation, or have documented disabilities) who have an academic need. We will help every step of the way as our students pursue a higher education at TAMU-CC as every student should have equal opportunity to reach their full personal, academic, and career potential.

Each student is assigned to an SSS-STEM staff member. This staff member will work one-on-one with students to create an educational plan to identify key areas of academic, financial, and other needs. Meetings are tailored to each student's individual need and cover topics including:

  • Prepare/plan for upcoming semesters
  • Discuss a variety of college-related questions/concerns
  • Assist with FAFSA and scholarship applications
  • Complete resumes and cover letters
  • Search for graduate school options
  • Assist with career/job searches and interview preparation
  • And so much more!

Students can meet with staff in person, online via WebEx, over the phone, or via email correspondence.

To remain in good standing with the SSS-STEM program, we ask that students meet with their staff member at least once a month.

Student Highlights

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