Student Government Associations Committees

Islander Traditions Committee
The Islander Traditions Committee serves to promote Islander Spirit and uphold campus Traditions. This committee will take an active role in spreading school spirit, educating students on campus traditions, planning and organizing events, and participating in spirited events and traditions on campus. Islander Traditions is responsible for overseeing all proper training of chants, the fight song, and the alma mater. This Committee is also in charge of planning and organizing all Spirit-related events asked for or assigned to them under the category of Spirit & Traditions.
Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations committee serves to promote good relations between TAMUCC SGA and the students they serve. This committee plays a vital role in promoting SGA events, forums, legislation, etc. The Public Relations committee oversees all social media and promotional activities of SGA. The committee works closely with the TAMU-CC Student Affairs committee and other internal and external committees to keep the campus community updated.
Talent Acquisition and Retention Committee
The Talent Acquisition and Retention Committee is tasked with assisting the Vice President in recruiting new members to SGA, making recommendations for future appointments to the Executive Board, developing leadership in every SGA member, and maintaining the membership of SGA.
Student Affairs Committee
The Student Affairs Committee addresses concerns that students have on campus and is responsible for overseeing and gathering student input. The Committee shall then work to communicate the grievances of the student body to the SGA Senate, Islander faculty, and TAMU-CC administrators.