Library and Parking Appeals

Appeal Process for Library Fines

The Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial Board is responsible for library fine appeals. Forms for appeals is available on the Bell Library website. Please download and complete the form, then bring the completed form to the Student Government Association office in University Center 218M. 

This process also applies to fines for faculty. 

The patron who wishes to appeal a fine is still responsible for the borrowed item(s), and fines will continue to accrue until a decision from the Judicial Board is made and the library is notified. Faculty and student fines may be appealed. 

Appeal Process for Parking Fines

The Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial court is responsible for parking appeals. If you receive a citation, you have the right to appeal. The Parking Appeal Form may be accessed from University Police Department’s parking portal using the in the sidebar. This process also applies to fines for faculty and staff of the University. A parking appeal must be submitted within 10 business days from the date of the parking citation was issued. If your citation is a violation for parking in a fire lane or a handicap space, the appeal decision will be determined by the Chief of Police and the Parking Service Specialistts.