SGA Branches of Government

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is comprised of the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Senate, Secretary, Treasurer, FYC Director and Advisor. The President presides over the Executive Board and can be reached at For a roster of current Executive Board members please visit the SGA portal on I-Engage.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of senators from each college and of at large senator positions. The Speaker of the Senate oversees the Legislative Branch. The SGA Senator Office is located in the University Center Student Involvement Center Room 218M. For issues or concerns, you may contact the Senator's office at 361-825-5745 or email 

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Board of Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi’s Student Government Association consists of five members, one Chief Justice and four Associate Justices. The Chief Justice serves as the head of the Judicial Board and also as a member of the Executive Board. The duties and the powers of the Judicial Board are: 

  • Hearing all campus parking violations and library fine appeals 
  • Conducting hearings on matters that are brought forth in regards to violation of the constitution or the bylaws, any violations in regards to voting, and in regards to impeachment. 
  • Exercising the sole authority over the interpretation of the constitution and bylaws. 
  • For a roster of current members of the Judicial court, please visit the SGA portal on I-Engage. 
  • To contact the Chief Justice, please email