Facilities, Equipment, and Software

The Center for Water Supply Studies has the facilities and equipment to address difficult and complex hydrologic and geologic problems and issues, including computer and lab facilities, lab and field equipment, and GIS, modeling, and subsurface interpretation software.


Natural Resources Center Offices

Facilities of the Center for Water Supplies Studies, located within the Natural Resource Center (NRC), include a wet laboratory (core and analytical processing) and office space for computer workstations including GIS and Geophysical workstations.

Natural Resources Center Core
Carlos F. Truan Natural Resource Center (NRC) Wet Laboratory- Core processing and layout



Analytical Laboratory       Computer and Workstation Laboratory-GIS and Geophysical Workstations


Laboratory Equipment

Field Equipment

  Spectrophotometers   EM-31 Conductivity Meter
  Hach Water Test Kits    Strategem EH-4 Magnetotelluric Sounder
  Permeameters   Insitu Hermit Datalogger
  Grainsize Analysis Equipment   Water-level Loggers
  Durridge Rad 7- radon detectors   Stream Gauging Equipment
  Ion chromatography
  RaDeCC (Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter)   Core Sampler
    AGI SuperSting Marine Resistivtiy System 
   University Beach Research Platform


em31 stream gauging
 EM-31 Conductivity Meter Stream Gauging Equipment
Water level logger stratagem
Water-level Loggers   Strategem EH-4 Magnetotelluric Sounder
Research Platform at University Beach  


  • ESRI ArcMap and ArcScene GIS Software
    • Complete Geographic Information System Software
    • PETRA Well Log Correlation and Cross-Section Software
  • Seismic and Subsurface Correlation Software
    • Seismic Analysis and Stratigraphic Interpretation Software
    • Seismic Analysis and Interpretation Software
    • Seismic Interpretation Software
  • Groundwater Vistas
    • Groundwater Vistas Modeling Software
  • RSI ENVI Remote Sensing Software
  • Oracle Groundwater and Subsurface Database
Image 9. Groundwater Vistas Modeling Software