• GIS: Geographic Information Systems capabilities exist to display and analyze spatially-distributed hydrologic and geologic data.
  • Computer Modeling: Expertise in numerous computer models permits modeling of distinct surface and groundwater systems.
  • Field Studies: Field based work for surface and subsurface investigations is a strong component of hydrologic and geologic research conducted through the Center for Water Supply Studies.
  • Education: Undergraduate and graduate programs which lead to degrees in Geology (BS),  Environmental Science (BS and MS) and Coastal Marine System Science (MS and PhD) permit students to specialize in the study of water resource-related issues. Continuing education meets the needs of local industry and individuals seeking career advancement. Click here for more detail.
  • Conservation: Expertise is available to design, implement, and evaluate experimental water-conservation equipment and programs.

Facilities, Equipment, and Software
The Center for Water Supply Studies has the facilities and equipment to address difficult and complex hydrologic and geologic problems and issues, including computer and lab facilities, lab and field equipment, and GIS, modeling, and subsurface interpretation software.