Initial Submission

Investigators are responsible for ensuring IBC approval is obtained.

Timing: Investigators must submit and receive approval prior to beginning any work involving biohazards.

Initial Submissions

How do I start a new submission in iRIS?

  • Login into iRIS.
  • On the study assistant dashboard, select Create a New Study to open the online application.
  • Then select TAMU-CC IBC Application to open the IBC application.
  • Once the application is complete, you will be forwarded to the submission packet.
  • In the submission packet you can attach any supporting documents.
  • Complete the PI sign-off to submit.

Coming Soon

How to respond to Changes Requested

Changes Requested

What happens to my application once submitted?

The review process depends on your study procedures, which will dictate the review level your submission will receive. You will be notified of the progress of your submission through the review process.

You can track the progress of your submission on your iRIS dashboard under Protocol status.