Students learn basic skills of working with clay, including mixing and firing clay.  Hand building techniques such as coil and slab building and throwing on the  potter's wheel are introduced. As they progress, students develop personal style and learn to experiment with glazing techniques.

Undergraduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 2346 – Ceramics I   
  • ARTS 3324 – Wheel Throwing   
  • ARTS 3325 – Handbuilt Ceramic Techniques   
  • ARTS 4324 – Advanced Ceramics  
  • ARTS 4391 – Topics in Studio Art   

Graduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 5191 – Graduate Professional Practices Seminar   
  • ARTS 5312 – MFA Studio in Art: Ceramics   
  • ARTS 5320 – Graduate Critique Seminar  
  • ARTS 5391 – MFA Seminar in Art   
  • ARTS 5394 – Directed Research   
  • ARTS 5395 – MFA Thesis   
  • ARTS 5397 – Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum   
  • ARTS 5398 – MFA Project   

Ceramic Facility 

The ceramics department is well equipped with a variety of Brent Shimpo Skutt and Lockerbie wheels. There is also a Leach Treadle, and powerful variable speed electric reportedly welded by Peter Voulkos.

We have a semi-enclosed kiln yard with two Skutt electrics, A cone 10 electric Naberthem brand kiln, an Alpine downdraft, Olsen updraft and soda kiln. There is also raku and test kilns.

We mix our own clay and glazes with a Soldner mixer and Bluebird pugmill and have a variety of small equipment, and a well stocked chemical inventory.

The ceramics lab is adjacent to the sculpture studio and wood shop.

Graduate Works

Undergraduate Works