The Sculpture Program at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi is dedicated to fostering a dynamic community that examines how ideas can take shape in space. Traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques are studied as students investigate intent and installation when making art.

Working alongside sculpture faculty and graduate students, undergraduate sculpture students are challenged to develop the technical abilities, problem solving skills, and professional practices that will help craft an individual studio practice.  Led by conceptual exploration and visual communication, the artworks generated range from temporary to permanent, miniature to architectural, pedestal to installation. 

Within this dynamic community, as the students’ ideas and intentions develop into individual expressions, a wide variety of historical and contemporary sculptors and sculptural work is explored as we consider the role(s) art plays within the social, political, and economic realities of our present society.

Undergraduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 2326 – Sculpture I   
  • ARTS 3304 – Fabrication Sculpture 
  • ARTS 3305 – Mold Making and Casting Sculpture   
  • ARTS 3306 – Figurative Sculpture   
  • ARTS 4304 – Advanced Sculpture 
  • ARTS 4391 – Topics in Studio Art   

Graduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 5191 – Graduate Professional Practices Seminar   
  • ARTS 5318 – MFA Studio in Art: Sculpture  
  • ARTS 5320 – Graduate Critique Seminar  
  • ARTS 5391 – MFA Seminar in Art   
  • ARTS 5394 – Directed Research   
  • ARTS 5395 – MFA Thesis   
  • ARTS 5397 – Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum   
  • ARTS 5398 – MFA Project   
Sculpture Facility 

The sculpture area includes a primary sculpture studio classroom, a wax and plaster room, a woodshop, and a large, and a covered metal casting (bronze, aluminum, iron) and metal fabrication space. All the sculpture spaces interconnect as well as connect to the Ceramics area.  Additionally, graduate students from all studio art disciplines have large studios in a nearby building, fostering a sense of interdisciplinary community across all levels of the MFA program.

Graduate Works
Undergraduate Works
Sculpture crew at Sloss Iron Conference