The Printmaking Program at TAMUCC focuses comprehensive studio practice toward BFA and MFA degrees with courses in intaglio, lithography, relief, screenprint and monotype. Students develop a strong foundation in traditional printmaking within the context of contemporary aesthetics, and are presented with an array of creative options.  The print area encourages interdisciplinary research within realms of sculptural, installation-based, experimental, collaborative and digital applications. Students are acquainted with the expansive function printmaking plays in disseminating information – from addressing global themes, to its role in literature, advertising, popular culture, fashion, social networking, etc. This idea speaks to the power of the multiple and its ability to transcend the traditional, editioned print or two-dimensional surface.  

In addition to promoting innovative and professional attitudes towards the creation and dissemination of work, our studio prides itself as an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, acquainting students with a diverse range of ideas through an active visiting artist program, attendance at workshops and conferences, communal engagement and cultural opportunities beyond the realm of printmaking and the visual arts.

Our students participate in numerous print-related activities in Houston and Austin, and our student print organization Full Court Press assists an international cast of visiting artists in publishing works, and consistently engages the Corpus Christi community by hosting symposiums and events such as the annual Ink Slingers’ Ball.

Undergraduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 2333 – Printmaking I   
  • ARTS 3302 – Screen Printing   
  • ARTS 3307 – Lithography and Planographic Process   
  • ARTS 4302 – Advanced Printmaking   
  • ARTS 4391 – Topics in Studio Art   

Graduate Offerings 

  • ARTS 5191 – Graduate Professional Practices Seminar    
  • ARTS 5317 – MFA Studio in Art: Printmaking 
  • ARTS 5320 – Graduate Critique Seminar  
  • ARTS 5391 – MFA Seminar in Art   
  • ARTS 5394 – Directed Research   
  • ARTS 5395 – MFA Thesis   
  • ARTS 5397 – Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum   
  • ARTS 5398 – MFA Project   

Printmaking Facility

The Printmaking Studio offers over 2500 square feet of workspace and is equipped for intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, relief and digital applications. It is well lit, ergonomically organized and ventilated, and great effort is taken to maintain an environmentally conscious workspace. A 50-foot stretch of windows along the south wall overlooks Corpus Christi Bay. The lithography area features three large Takach presses, over 30 stones including many large sizes, numerous leather and rubber rollers, an aluminum plate base, hydraulic lift and graining sink. The etching area includes two Takach presses and a Charles Brand, a vented hotplate and workstation, aquatint box, two vertical tanks and large paper bath. Screenprinting includes over 80 screens, eight large hinged worktables, a large Accu-Guide serigraph press, a washout booth with pressure washer, X-Vactor exposure unit and a full darkroom with automated drying rack. The digital printmaking lab includes two 27” iMacs with Adobe Creative Cloud, a 48” Epson 9900 printer, Xante Printer and large scanner.