Wellness FAQ's

The following link contains the answers to the FAQ's below:


  • What is the System Wellness Exam Incentive and why is there an exam requirement?
  • What is the current reporting cycle for the Wellness Exam Incentive?
  • Is the Wellness Exam Incentive an ongoing initiative or a one-time requirement?
  • Who is required to have a wellness exam as part of the Wellness Exam Incentive?
  • Who is NOT required to have a wellness exam as part of the Wellness Exam Incentive?
  • What is the time frame in which the wellness exam incentive must be completed in order to satisfy the requirement for the FY2015 Benefit Plan year?
  • What happens if I or my covered spouse do not get the wellness exam during the designated timeframe?
  • Why do I have to have a wellness exam with a physician instead of just getting a biometric screening?
  • Do I need to tell my doctor/doctor's office this is a physical/wellness exam when I make the appointment?
  • Will I be charged a copay when I have my wellness(annual/physical) exam?
  • Does this wellness exam need to include specific tests?
  • I am concerned about my privacy, what information is being reported back to my employer?
  • Are there forms that I or my doctor need to complete?
  • How can I prepare for my exam and make the most of my appointment with the doctor?
  • Is a wellness exam the same thing as a physical or annual check-up?
  • Does my annual well-woman exam count for the wellness exam?
  • If the A&M Care Plan is the secondary insurance plan for me or my spouse, how do I ensure the claim is reported to BlueCross BlueShield so I (or my spouse) still receive credit for completion for the wellness exam incentive?
  • How can I confirm whether or not I have received credit for completing the wellness exam incentive?
  • I have not created or registered my Blue Access for Members (BAM) account. How do I register?
  • If I believe I have had my wellness exam, but it is not reflected in my online Blue Access for Member Account(BAM), what should I do?