Open Enrollment: July 10 - July 31

Open Enrollment is July 10 – July 31, 2023. Review your current benefits in Workday and the information below before making your elections for the new plan year. Check WebMD ONE to make sure you have completed your Two-Step Wellness Program and that your incentive status has been updated.                      

Open Enrollment Presentations

Below you will find information on the Open Enrollment Meetings. There are morning, afternoon, and Retiree Meeting presentation schedules. You may join Webex at any time during the meeting to listen to the vendor presentation in which you are most interested. You may also drop off the meeting at any time. You will need the Webex information below to dial in. You may also have received this information from your benefits office via email invite. Please record this information ahead of your meeting. If you cannot attend an Open Enrollment meeting in person or virtually, we have included the carrier presentation below.

View the Open Enrollment Presentation Schedule

View an Open Enrollment Presentation