Environmental, Health & Safety (E,H&S) is committed to working with faculty and staff to ensure that campus laboratories are a safe place in which to work and learn.  It is the responsibility of all who work or study in laboratories to do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. 

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Laboratory Construction and Renovation Projects

To ensure the safety of new and renovated laboratories, specific design and construction features are required by state and federal codes, all plans for design, construction, and Project Initiation Request (PIR) to laboratory facilities must be reviewed by Environmental, Health & Safety and Administrative Operations.

Laboratory Decommissioning

A decommissioning form is to be completed by the Principal Investigator (PI)/Responsible Person of the lab that is being decommissioned or by the designee. E,H&S will use the completed checklist during the laboratory decommissioning inspections to verify that all hazards have been removed from the laboratory and/or that ownership of remaining hazards has been appropriately transferred to another party.  This process should be started at least three months, or as soon as possible, before vacating the chemical -use room/laboratory to allow ample time to dispose of all materials properly. 

Laboratory Decommissioning form

Upon completion of successful decommissioning inspection by EH&S, you will receive a Laboratory Decommissioning Clearance Authorization.  

Laboratory Safety

Refer to our Laboratory Safety Manual in the Origami and other Useful Resources tab.

Minors in Labs

24.01.08 Minors in Labs Regulation

This regulation does not apply to students enrolled in courses listed in a campus course catalog having a laboratory component, outreach programs or camps under the purview of System Regulation 24.01.06, Programs for Minors, or general accompanied tours.

Radiation/Laser Safety

Contact E,H&S for more information. 

Respiratory Protection (see Occupational Health)