ENCSLab Printing

Printing in the Labs is done using your Sanddollar ID card.

You must have a computer account to use computers in our labs. If you have a class scheduled in the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, an account will be automatically created for you.

To Print from Windows:

  • Use the File -> Print Preview to view the print job before printing.
  • Print the documents and go to the Print Release Station.
  • At the Print Release Station swipe your Sand Dollar (student ID) Card.
  • Your print jobs will be listed. Select the print jobs which you want to print.
  • Once you have selected the print jobs, the cost for printing the print job will be displayed at bottom of the screen. The University charges 10 cents per sheet.
  • Press Print button to print the selected print job(s). You will not be charged until you press the Print button.

Funds for Sanddollar printing:

  • Funds can be added to Sand Dollar card at the Sand Dollar Office in UC Building or at Sand Dollar Customer Service Terminals located in CCH 2nd Floor and Bell Library.