Plotter Policies

  • The file to be printed must provided in PDF format via email.
  • In the same email as the PDF file, a specific account number must be provided by the requestor to cover the cost of the print.
  • The current charge per print is $35.
  • One dimension of the file should be 36 inches.  If another size is provided, we are not responsible for distortion that may occur.
  • A minimum of one business day must be allowed to complete the print.  This does not include weekends, University holidays, nor PTO taken by college IT management.
  • The completed print must be picked up by the requestor.
  • The requestor may be asked to present their campus ID card if their identity cannot be verified via the campus directory.

If the plotter is not available to you, please use either the library or the print shop for your needs.  Links to information regarding these resources are available below.

Library I-Create Lab

TAMUCC Print Shop