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listserv is an automated system to manage electronic mailing lists. People can subscribe to a listserv, and any messages that are sent to the listserv are then automatically forwarded to all of the listserv's subscribers. Many listserv systems also provide features for file transfers, archiving, and indexing.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science, and several of its departments and organizations, use listservs extensively to communicate information among its members. For example, the College's "scitech-list" is frequently used to distribute announcements and meeting notices to the College faculty and staff, as well as house discussions on curricular issues and other topics. All faculty and staff within the College are expected to be subscribers to this listserv. 

This document identifies many of the listservs that are run by the College, the steps needed to subscribe or unsubscribe from a listserv, and information about how you can get a listserv for your organization or course.

How do I know what listservs there are

For a complete and updated list of all listservs, Please go to:

How to add or remove yourself from a listserv

To subscribe to one of these listservs, send email with a subject line of "subscribe" to the "-request" address for the listserv. For gisso-list, the request address is

The -request address of each listserv is used for administrative requests such as subscribing and unsubscribing that shouldn't be sent to the full list of subscribers on the list. To unsubscribe from a listserv, send an email with a subject line of "unsubscribe" to the listserv's -request address.

Of course, if you want help with listserv subscription on lists, you can always send email to

Other College listservs

Besides the College and departmental listservs listed above, there are a large number of other listservs.

We also have a number of student-oriented listservs for students within a particular discipline or for student organizations. A very important student listserv is; this listserv is intended for announcements of scholarship, employment, research, and other opportunities for students. All Science and Technology majors are encouraged to subscribe to this listserv, and faculty are encouraged to send opportunity announcements to this listserv instead of doing mass-mailings to other listservs.

opportunities-list - Opportunities for students
csclub - Computer Science Club
gisso-list - Geographic Information Science Student Organization

Determining who is subscribed to a listserv

We don't publish the addresses that are on a listserv, because there are people who love to search the Internet for lists of email messages to which they can send "spam" or "junk email".

For more information

For more information regarding listservs or the server, send email to