ENCSLab Account Policies

This page gives useful information for holders of student accounts.

  • The accounts are provided to students requiring access to resources as part of their academic study at TAMU-CC.
  • Students must adhere to all applicable Federal laws, State laws, and University regulations regarding computer usage.
  • Student accounts will be given the same username and password as the student's Islander ID.
  • Students may not disclose their password to others or permit others to use their accounts.
  • Students may not use accounts belonging to others.
  • Once a student is given an account, he/she will generally be allowed to keep the same account until the student is no longer affiliated with the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences.
  • Expiration of student accounts usually takes place in the second or third week of each Fall and Spring semester. At that time, any student account belonging to someone no longer registered at the University will be removed from the system. Whenever possible the administrators will provide one-week notice via email that an account is about to be expired.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining their own account backups. The administrators do not assume any responsibility for maintaining up-to-date backups of student data.
  • Accounts are provided to assist students with academic pursuits relating to their course of study at TAMUCC. Non-academic uses of computer systems should be limited, especially during peak usage times.
  • Misuse of any campus computing resource can result in loss of access to this system and any files stored on this system.
  • Most student accounts have quotas enabled to limit the amount of computer disk space used. Students that can demonstrate an academic need for increased disk usage will generally be given higher quotas.
  • Student accounts should not be used to archive large files such as audio/MP3 files, images, or other applications unrelated to the student's course of study. Students who regularly abuse the disk resources may be given reduced account quotas.