Frequently Asked Questions

  • My question isn't listed here. Who do I ask?  Send email to
  • If you want to have your own database, send email to and tell them what you want your database to be named.
  • How can I protect my directory so that other users cannot read my files?

    We normally recommend that you change your directory to disallow people from listing the contents of your home directory by executing chmod 711 $HOME from a command prompt. People will still be able to access files in your home directory only if they know the exact filenames beforehand. The web server will be able to display files in your .html directory (because it already knows the name .html).
  • How can I cut and paste text from one window into another?

    You can select text with the primary mouse button (left, typically) and paste it into another window with the middle mouse button. If you have only 2 buttons, clicking both together provides the same functionality of the middle button of a 3 button mouse.
  • How do I post my website on riddler server?

    Create a .html directory in your home directory on penguin and upload your html pages into it. Make sure you have the right permissions set to allow other to view your web pages. The URL to view your web pages will be
  • Who do I contact if I do not have an account

    For new accounts contact or in person at CI 318.