Free Microsoft Software

All students enrolled in a MISY course are eligible to download and use free Microsoft software.

Students can get Microsoft Office for free through this link:
To download other free Microsoft software, you can sign up at:  You can then go through this link to download the free software:


For further information about this free software program, please contact the IT manager:

Mr. Christopher Palfreyman 

(361) 825-5926

Suggestions on using this program:

  • Make back-ups of your software.
  • Keep software keys in a safe place.
  • Do not share your MSDN AA software and software keys.
  • Download software you might need for other classes.

Some of the free Microsoft software includes:



Common Problem

How can I become eligible to download all of this software?


By enrolling in a MISY class at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.


I do not use my Islander email, will I receive an e-mail to my normal email on how to access MSDN AA website?


Yes.  Please contact Chris Palfreyman ( if there are any issues getting into your account.


How can I install downloaded MSDN AA software?


Download MSDN AA software usually comes in the form of a .iso file (a disc image). You can either use Windows to burn this image to a disc, or you can mount the disc image using a virtual drive. Ask an assistant in the business lab if you need further assistance. (Note: Business lab assistants do not provide blank discs.)