Dr. Chuleeporn Changchit is a Professor of Management Information Systems at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.  She earned her Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and Information Systems and her Masters in Accounting, both from the University of Kentucky. Prior to joining the faculty at TAMUCC, she was an assistant professor at the University of Iowa for three years. Since coming to Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Dr. Changchit has been a key member in the Management Information Systems concentration. Drawing from experiences working in industry for over five years as a senior consultant, she provides her students with practical and comprehensive instructions, shares ideas and techniques enthusiastically, and enjoys substantial successes as an educator.

Dr. Changchit is actively engaged in the scholarly activities. She has published articles in fine journals such as Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Journal, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Journal of Global Information Management, Expert Systems with Applications, and International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management. To her professions, Dr. Changchit serves as an Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Information Privacy and Security. She also serves as an Associate Editor and serves on Editorial Review Board for several journals such as the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, the Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, and the Journal of Global Information Technology Management.

Courses that Dr. Changchit teaches:

MISY- 2305 Computer App in Business
MISY- 4390 IT Project Management
MISY- 5325 Software-based Business Solutions

Email: Chuleeporn.Changchit@tamucc.edu
Room: OCNR 322
Phone number: 361-825-5832



Dr. Joseph S. Mollick is a Professor of Management Information Systems at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He earned his PhD in business administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. His major field of study was Information Systems and minor fields were Organization Theory, Business Strategy and Statistics. Dr. Mollick has two master's degrees and two bachelor's degrees. He earned his Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Texas at Arlington. For the Master of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Business Administration degrees he studied at Saint Edward's University, Texas. His Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame College, Bangladesh, was in the humanities-economics, social welfare, language and literature. His research interest is in the intersection of strategy, law and ethics of managing information and knowledge resources.

Courses that Dr. Mollick teaches:

MISY 3310-Management Information Systems Concepts
MISY 3330-Database Management
MISY 4340-Electronic Commerce Management
MISY 4365-Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Business Intelligence
MISY 4390-Current Topics in Management Information Systems
ORMS 3310-Data Analysis and Statistics
OPSY 4314-Operations Management

As well as Graduate Classes:

ORMS 5310-Statistical and Decision Analysis
MISY 5335-Business Data Base Management
MISY 5366-Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Email: joseph.mollick@tamucc.edu
Room: OCNR 389
Phone number: 361-825-2853



Dr. Robert Cutshall earned his Ph.D. in Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas. He has several years of experience as a database design consultant, several years of experience in e-commerce website design, and two years of experience as a systems integration consultant. Some of his teaching and research areas of interest include: e-commerce, human computer interaction, website design, statistical analysis, and knowledge management.

Courses that Dr. Cutshall teaches:

MISY-2305 Computer Applications in Business
MISY-3310 Management Information Systems
MISY-3350 Business Application Development
MISY-4330 Website Development for Business
ORMS-3310 Data Analysis and Statistics
ORMS-5310 Statistical and Decision Analysis

Email: Robert.Cutshall@tamucc.edu
Room: OCNR 347
Phone number: 361.825.2665



Dr. Mohan Rao is Professor of Decision Sciences at the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Alabama and a master’s degree in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He also has undergraduate and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. He is a Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management. He teaches both Operations Management and MIS courses. He developed MISY 5355/4350 Business Intelligence and Analytics courses with an emphasis on hands-on learning and experience with various SAP software packages, including Lumira, Predictive Analytics, BusinessObjects Analysis, Design Studio and Crystal Reports. Dr. Rao is the SAP Faculty coordinator at TAMUCC. Anyone interested in using SAP for teaching or research should contact him. Dr. Rao has several years of experience in industry as an engineer and a consultant. His research interests are in Performance Measurement, Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems and Business Analytics. He has over 60 refereed journal publications and proceedings. Some of his articles have appeared in International Journal of Production Economics (A* journal), Management Science (A*), International Journal of Operations & Production Management (A), Industrial Management & Data Systems (B), Expert Systems with Applications (B), International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, International Journal of Business Information Systems, Management Accounting Quarterly, and International Journal of Services and Standards. 
Dr. Rao is very much interested in service. He founded an organization to help create scholarships. He turned his photography hobby into an Exhibit for fundraising recently. Currently he is serving as Program Chair of the 2016 Southwest Decision Sciences Institute conference in Oklahoma City.

Courses that Dr. Rao teaches:

OPSY-4314 Operations Management 
OPSY-5315 Operations Management 
MISY-2305 Computer Applications in Business 
MISY-4350 Business Intelligence and Analytics 
MISY-5355 Business Intelligence and Analytics

Email: Mohan.Rao@tamucc.edu
Room: OCNR 315
Phone number: 361-825-2458