To provide a common background in business, all students seeking the BBA are required to complete the following courses or their equivalents with the Business Core requirements and Major requirements.


ACCT 2301 - Financial Accounting 3 sem. hrs.
ACCT 2302 - Managerial Accounting 3 sem. hrs.
BLAW 3310 - Legal Environment of Business 3 sem. hrs.
BUSI 4310 - International Business 3 sem. hrs.
ECON 2302 - Microeconomics Principles 3 sem. hrs.
FINA 3310 - Financial Management 3 sem. hrs.
MATH 1325 - Calculus For Business & Social Sciences 3 sem. hrs.
MGMT 3312 - Behavior in Organizations 3 sem. hrs.
MGMT 3315 - Communicating in Business 3 sem. hrs.
MGMT 4388 - Administrative Policy and Strategy 3 sem. hrs.
MISY 2305 - Computer Applications in Business 3 sem. hrs.
MISY 3310 - Management Information Systems Concepts 3 sem. hrs.
MKTG 3310 - Principles of Marketing 3 sem. hrs.
OPSY 4314 - Operations Management 3 sem. hrs.
ORMS 3310 - Data Analysis and Statistics 3 sem. hrs.
BUSI 0088 - Major Field Test Review 0 sem. hrs.

*Course prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Required MIS Courses

MISY 3320     Business Data Communications I 3 sem. hrs.
Characteristics of contemporary business data communication components, their configurations, and their impact on management information systems design. Topics include designing, managing, securing, and implementing business data communication networks, and their integration into management information systems. Exercises and assignments use various data communication facilities. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above. 

MISY 3330     Database Management 3 sem. hrs.
Concepts and methodology of data base planning, design, development, and management of the computerized data base of a management information system. The emphasis is on logical data base design and a study of hierarchical, network, and relational implementations. Normalization exercises are completed relative to the logical design of relational data bases. Exercises and assignments use a relational DBMS package. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above. 

MISY 3340     Systems Analysis and Design 3 sem. hrs.
Develops ability to analyze an existing information system within an organization, to identify information requirements, and to specify the functions of a new information system. Includes cost/benefit analysis of proposed information systems. Exercises and assignments use a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above. 

MISY 3350     Business Applications Development 3 sem. hrs.
This course provides an understanding of the Visual Basic programming environment in the context of business application design and development. This course will place emphasis on performance characteristics and user interface design considerations. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above. 

MISY 4330     Website Development for Business 3 sem. hrs.
This course provides an understanding of the principles and techniques for client-side web development using HTML, XHTML and CSS. Text editors and the software tools such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage will be used. This course includes designing for web standard, accessibility, usability, and workflow for web design. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above.

MISY 4375     IT Project Management   3 sem. hrs.
This course covers issues related to managing projects in organizations. The course focuses on the management of projects and working as a team. Students are expected to draw on materials from other management information system courses, especially the System Analysis and Design, and Database Management courses. Prerequisites: MISY 3330 (Database Management) 

Elective MIS Courses

MISY 3360 ERP Overview  3 sem. hrs.
A study of the management of information technology as it is practiced in organizations today. Traditional organizations are moving toward a more interconnected or networked business environment. A major focus is understanding the role and use of complex technology in the support of individual, workgroup, enterprise, inter-enterprise and international computing. This course will utilize a business process management approach through the use of enterprise software. Prerequisite: ONLY Juniors or Post-Baccalaureate 

MISY 4310 Business Data Communications and Networking II 3 sem. hrs.
Design, implementation, and operation of client-server network systems for organizational Intranets and Internet presence. Exercises and assignments use selected data communications facilities. Prerequisites: MISY 3320 and Junior standing or above.

MISY 4325 Business Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems   3 sem. hrs.
A survey of decision support systems and expert systems used in business. Topics include artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge engineering, knowledge acquisition, expert system shells, modeling, simulation, and selection of appropriate computer package support. Exercises and assignments use various computer packages such as neural network systems and expert system shells. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above.

MISY 4340 Electronic Commerce Management   3 sem. hrs.

A broad overview of electronic commerce topics as they relate to carious users. General coverage includes electronic commerce history, opportunities, limitations, and risks. Technical discussions include internet, intranets, extranets, firewalls, security, protocols, servers, and browsers. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above.

MISY 4350 Business Intelligence and Analytics   3 sem. hrs.
Overview of important concepts of business intelligence, and the use of analytics, technologies, applications and processes used by organizations to gain data-driven insights.  These insights and predictions can be used to aid decision-making and performance management across functional areas, including marketing, operations, and finance.  Students will learn to extract and manipulate data, and create reports, scorecards and dashboards, including mobile apps. ONLY Juniors or Post-Baccalaureate or Seniors for MISY 4350

MISY 4365 Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Business Intelligence  3 sem. hrs. 
In the information age, organizations can and do collect massive amounts of data. Yet organizations are often “data rich” but “information and knowledge poor”. This course is designed to prepare business professionals who, by using analytical methods and data mining and data visualization tools such as XLMiner, SAP Lumira and SAP Hanna, will be able to harness the potential of data by extracting business intelligence that can be used to improve decisions and operations at various points in the value chain. Prerequisites:  MISY 2305, MISY 3330, ORMS 3310, and Junior standing or above. 

MISY 4390 Current Topics in Management Information Systems   3 sem. hrs.  
Selected topics for special study related to management information systems. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above, and others depending on topic. Contact the Dean’s office for information.