Management Information System Association


The Management Information System Association (MIS Association) at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi is a professional student association that focus on broadening student’s understanding and knowledge of the Management Information System (MIS) profession through networking events, professional meetings and associations. The MIS Association supports TAMUCC students who are interested in MIS, provides career advice and networking, and cutting edge resources to prepare for the job after graduation.

Benefits of joining MIS Association:

  • Continue developing your knowledge of MIS and relative systems.
  • Network with other students
    • Build connections with other students and faculty that will help you when you graduate
  • Homework Nights
    • Meet up with other students that are in your class or have taken your class to help each other study and complete homework
  • Speakers
    • Listen to speakers and learn more about MIS, the opportunities you can take, and what awaits you when you graduate
  • Volunteer and group activities
    • We volunteer and do group activities that will help us network and support our community
  • MISA graduation cord
    • Show of your MISA pride and wear our cord as you walk across the stage at graduation

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If you have any questions, contact us at: