Special Event Parking Request

The following information is required in order to process your request for Special Event Parking. Failure to complete the form as prescribed will result in non-consideration of your request.

Requests must be received by the Parking Control Specialist, 1 week prior to scheduled event.

Rate for parking detail: This includes Parking detail, Security Officer to guard parking lot, Police Officer for events. If your event is requesting Security Officers, and Police Officers the request is to be submitted via email separate from this form to the Parking Control Specialist. A parking detail does not guarantee an officer presence unless it is requested prior. 

Parking lot reservation fee Security Officer/ Hour Police Officer/ hour
$150.00 $30 $50

Maximum number of spaces that can be reserved is 200. Painting the parking area or punching a hole in asphalt is NOT authorized.

Final approval is granted by Presidents' cabinet and Cheif of Police.