Student Parking

 Initial Purchase

Payments are made via card or Student account through the TAMU-CC Parking Portal accessible through S.A.I.L under Student, Parking Administration.

  • Log onto your SAIL Account @
  • Under the "Student" menu Choose the "Parking Admin" link
  • You will then be redirected to the Parking Portal
  • You will have to log in through your TAMU-CC account.
  • Select the permit you wish to purchase
  • Once you have chosen the permit you will then enter your vehicle information. Be advised, up to two vehicles may be assigned to an account, however, only one vehicle can be parked on campus at a time. Please note that Texas license plates do not utilize the letters I and O, therefore, the numerals 1 and 0 should be utilized. Do not include any symbols (-) when entering the plate number. 
  • Payment options credit card payment or Student Account- This process allows you to obtain your permit prior to payment. Your Student Account will be billed after 2 days. Payment should be made as soon as possible via on-line or at the Business office. Payments will NOT be accepted at the SandDollar Office or University Police Department.
  • When updating you vehicle on the portal be sure to go under "Permits", "View Permits" under the vehicles listed be sure the correct vehicle is linked.
  • If you possess a handicap placard: Reminders the placard must belong to you or the owner of the pass must be present. If you will be parking on campus a epermit, or payment through ParkMobile is required. 

 Cost of Permits

Permit Prices

Term type

Fall (1 term)

Fall & Spring (2 Terms)

Full Year


General OR Residential





Bayside Parking Garage





Momentum Shuttle Bus





Parking Permit Types 

  • Resident (Miramar, Apartments)- This permit can be purchased if you are living on campus. If you are to purchase this permit you are only allowed to park in residential areas.
  • General (Commuter, off campus)- This permit can be purchased if you reside off campus. If you are to purchase a General permit, you are only allowed to park in General areas.

  • Garage (Commuter, off campus)- This permit can be purchased if you reside off campus. If you are to purchase this permit, you are only allowed to park in the Bayside Parking Garage.

  • Shuttle- (Commuter, off campus)- This permit can be purchased if you reside off campus. If you purchase this permit, you are only allowed to park at the Momentum Campus located on Nile dr. This permit is solely to park off campus and utilize the shuttle as a source of transport to campus.

The TAMU-CC Parking Portal is where you will be able to purchase your parking permit. Be advised make sure you list the vehicle you will be utilizing when you come on to campus, this is essential as your license plate will be your "parking permit"  

Schedule of Penalties- This table allows you to view your citation and amount due, if one is to be received.

Violations Chart




Loading Zone


Failure to Register Vehicle


Parking in excess of time limit (posted/metered)


Shared Permit Hit


Parked on/over marked white line


Transferring citation to another vehicle


Failure to remove citation after changing locations or Failure to display a valid license plate, motor vehicle registration and/or vehicle inspection sticker on a parked vehicle 


Parking/Storing a non-operating vehicle on campus


Reserved Space Without Permit 


Reserved space-Parking outside of area designated for a specific permit


Backed into Angled Space


Disregarding a traffic control device 


Parked in a Fire Lane 


Disregarding lawful order of Campus Police Officer


Blocking access to a Handicapped space


Handicapped Zone Without Permit 



If you are to receive a citation you have the right to appeal within 14 days of citation issuance. Fill out the Parking Appeal form, once the form is submitted members of the Student Judicial Committee will make a decision on your appeal. If your citation is a violation for parking in a fire lane or handicap space the appeal decisions will be determined by the Chief of Police and the Parking Services Specialist.

TAMU-CC Parking Portal

While Parked On Campus

  • Students may not park in Reserved or Visitor spaces
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff members are to ensure their vehicle information is up to date and linked to their permit. You can check all this information at TAMU-CC Parking Portal prior to parking on campus
  • Secure your vehicle at all times