2023-2024 Events Gallery

March - National TRIO DAY at Texas Southern University

Our students had the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas to visit the home of the Tigers at Texas Southern University. Visiting Texas Southern University offers Upward Bound TRIO students a glimpse into the possibilities of higher education, providing them with inspiration, resources, and motivation to pursue their academic and personal goals. Workshops, TRIO alumni panel, campus tour, live DJ. and games/prizes were provided for our students.

2023-2024 Events Gallery

February - Academic Saturday

Featuring our students at the Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center! Students engaged in a Civil Engineering activity following SAT Bootcamp with the UB Staff and our amazing tutors. Students built structures, tested materials, and explored real-world solutions. With SAT testing always around the corner, we get our students prompt for assistance getting into college.

2023-2024 Events Gallery

January - Academic Saturday

Featuring Published Author, Playwright, Comic Book Writer, and Public Speaker: Anthony Falcon. TAMU-CC Art and Design: Professor Leandra Urrutia. TAMU-CC Department of Engineering (Mechanical) and (Electrical): Dr. Jose Baca and Dr.Pablo Rangel. Anthony- thank you for teaching our students about Creative Writing. Professor Urrutia - thank you for showing our students ceramics! Dr.Baca and Dr.Rangel, thank you for providing the students with meaningful activities, presentations, and awesome company.

November - Academic Saturday

Featuring Youth Odyssey. The Ropes Challenge Course was such an amazing experience for our students. Students gained team building, leadership development, self-confidence, and basic life skills for outdoor adventuring! Thank you, Executive Director, Becky Meyer and Program Facilitators: Hannah Keyes, Erica Salinas, and Stephanie Almager.

October - Academic Saturday

Featuring the Islander Green Team: Marissa Spinelli, Guillermo Garcia, Suzy McCall, and Islanders for Social Justice: Sociology: Bailey Otter. IGT: Thank you all for teaching the students about conservation, composting. and sustainability. Bailey - thank you for teaching/providing the students with foundational knowledge of social interactions, organizations, and society.

September - Academic Saturday

Featuring School of Arts, Media, Communications and the National Alliance on Mental Health- Greater Corpus Christi Area. Huge shoutout to the Department of Graphic Design: Professor Miller, Professor Shields, and Professor Blanco for showing our students Intro to Handtype and Letter Press Printing. As for NAMI- Thank you Heather Loeb for presenting on Suicide Prevention Month!