2023-2024 Events Gallery

February - Academic Saturday

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2023-2024 Events Gallery

January - Academic Saturday

Featuring Published Author, Playwright, Comic Book Writer, and Public Speaker: Anthony Falcon. TAMU-CC Art and Design: Professor Leandra Urrutia. TAMU-CC Department of Engineering (Mechanical) and (Electrical): Dr. Jose Baca and Dr.Pablo Rangel. Anthony- thank you for teaching our students about Creative Writing. Professor Urrutia - thank you for showing our students ceramics! And Dr.Baca and Dr.Rangel, thank you for providing the students with meaningful activities, presentations, and awesome company.

November - Academic Saturday

Featuring Youth Odyssey. The Ropes Challenge Course was such an amazing experience for our students. Students gained team building, leadership development, self-confidence, and basic life skills for outdoor adventuring! Thank you, Executive Director, Becky Meyer and Program Facilitators: Hannah Keyes, Erica Salinas, and Stephanie Almager.

October - Academic Saturday

Featuring the Islander Green Team: Marissa Spinelli, Guillermo Garcia, Suzy McCall, and Islanders for Social Justice: Sociology: Bailey Otter. IGT: Thank you all for teaching the students about conservation, composting. and sustainability. Bailey - thank you for teaching/providing the students with foundational knowledge of social interactions, organizations, and society.

September - Academic Saturday

Featuring School of Arts, Media, Communications and the National Alliance on Mental Health- Greater Corpus Christi Area. Huge shoutout to the Department of Graphic Design: Professor Miller, Professor Shields, and Professor Blanco for showing our students Intro to Handtype and Letter Press Printing. As for NAMI- Thank you Heather Loeb for presenting on Suicide Prevention Month!