Hear What Our Students Are Experiencing In The Program!

Texas J. 

“The Upward Bound Summer Academy has been beneficial to my education as well as academic motivation as a student. During the academy, I took a pre-calculus course that informed me on topics such as the unit circle that have served me well in my current trigonometry class. Another great experience I had was the nursing lab! I had such an amazing time meeting new friends while learning subjects such as medicine administration and patient care. Overall, I definitely recommend this program to friends and other teens who are simply looking to further their higher education in a college setting!”

Sirrayah W.

“Upward Bound has helped my understanding in many different areas. Upward Bound has prepared me with the correct tools to continuously succeed in my Sophomore year. Due to the Summer classes I am on top of my work and ahead of the curriculum. Upward Bound is helping me look towards my future and feel comfortable about college. Due to Upward Bound having many different professions that we can choose from, it has helped me with my medical dreams. Upward Bound keeps pushing me to be the best version of myself. Though Upward Bound is to help academically, the instructors/tutors are always there for you no matter the circumstance. Upward Bound has and will continue to play a big part in my life.” 


Rubi V. 

“Upward Bound has created a safe welcoming environment which has led me to many great opportunities. Summer Academy helped me get prepared for classes for the upcoming year. The trips we go on are very educational and helps me chase a career choice.”


Isaac H.

“This is my first year in the Upward Bound Program. Being in the program has motivated me to try harder for a career path I want to follow. Whether its Engineering, Philosophy, Law, etc. This will give me an opportunity to do what I want to do, it's been a problem I've had for a while. Which is choosing what I'd want to do for a living.”


Giselle M. 

“The Summer Academy was super fun but also beneficial for the upcoming grade level I was going to for the school year 2022-2023. I was able to learn both high school classes as well as getting used to the college/university setting. I’m grateful I attended the academy because when I returned back to school, I already had prior knowledge to many classes such as nursing lab and pre-cal (college algebra)." 


Amee C. 

“Upward Bound is a great program. They help with college and other job opportunities. They provide a Summer Academy, which students can socialize, gain knowledge, and the “college experience.” The Staff is absolutely amazing and care a lot about the students in the program.” 

Joshua H.

“Upward Bound has been fun, it helped me make new friends and helped my work ethic.” 


Ariel M. 

“I been in Upward Bound for three years currently completing my fourth year as a Senior. What this program has done for me is helped me overcome my fears of giving a speech in front of a large group of people, learning new things such as how to change a tire, how to manage your money wisely, and what is the best way to keep yourself out of debt while you attend college. What this program has mainly done form e was help me build my confidence and leadership skills. Now onto the Summer Academy portion the dorm experience was an amazing experience and a great way to see how the college students live while on campus.” 



“The Upward Bound program is a good 11/10. It has the perfect balance of fun & educational alone with a bit of experience. During the school year, they teach you about the fundamentals of college while they help you excel in your classes. During the Summer they let you experience college as if you were actually attending the institution, from college courses, to staying in dorms, and living the simulated “college life.” We also go on trips having fun & learning. All throughout the program you learn to make friends both with colleagues & tutors all while making memories as a collective whole.”

Deiondra W.

“Upward Bound has helped me find my love of Engineering and has helped me with finding friends. Because of this program I have memories that will last me a lifetime and I have had once in a lifetime experience as well.”

Eli S. 

“Upward Bound has opened many doorways for college opportunities for me. And has provided tons of information on scholarships and other programs.” 

Elizabeth M. 

“I’ve been in Upward Bound for two years now and it’s really benefited me since, especially in the Summer. I’ve learned academic things that I’ve never knew or done before. For example, I was in Health Science for Upward Bound in Summer classes and I learned how to dissect a squid and worm. On top of that I learned the three parts; like for the squid it has three heart, mantle, and more. For the worm they are very mysterious because they can be a girl and a boy but at a certain age they have to pick one. This program has helped me to explore new places and learn more about the Holocaust and so many museums we went to so now I have more of an understanding  and insight, it also helped me to stay committed to my goals in life.” 

Lorenzo C. 

“Upward Bound is an amazing program that acts, cares about people/students in their program, and communicate with them.” 


Damion V.

“The Upward Bound program has helped me socially and academically but the biggest advantage the program provided me was the Summer Academy at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The Summer Academy provided courses we were going to take in the upcoming school year and in doing so gave us a big head start in a lot of information we were going to go over in the school year.”


Kayden H. 

“Upward Bound has given me a nurse education boost. It has given me a clear path on what I want do when I get older. Its given me many opportunities to get my questions answered. I love the Academic Saturdays.” 


Amie V. 

“The Summer Academy of upward bound helped prepare me for my Sophomore classes. It made geometry and chemistry go a lot smoother and helped me understand and practice before I had to take the course. I learned a lot for the medical portion of the academy as well. I learned about vital signs more in dept. as well as other professions in the medical field.”


Adriana V.

“Upward Bound has helped me learn a lot about going to college. I’ve learned about financing, debt, loans, school life, nursing careers, and I also made a new friend.”


Alexa A. 

“The Upward Bound program has helped me so much I had this teacher when we stayed in the dorms, his name is Dante and he is a Marine Biologist. He told me that there are many things you can do here at TAMU-CC to do that and that’s exactly what I want to study. When we were in Health Science class it was fun because we studied the anatomy of squids, starfish, and worms. Dissecting each of them was so amazing!?"


Kaelee R. 

“Upward Bound has changed my life. It has offered me so many opportunities like meeting new people, exploring different majors, and tutoring. Academic Saturday has been my favorite activity. I met a lot of people from different schools and have the chance to learn about my future major which is Nursing. The food is also a bonus, delicious.”



“This program has been a great way to make new friends and showed me a way to get out of your comfort zone. The program will help you learn about college career paths. They have tutoring and will help you with scholarships.”


Yesenia T. 

“Attending Upward Bound has opened up so many opportunities for me. Upward Bound has helped me be more organized with my classes, school work, and so much more. This Summer I attended the Summer Academy at TAMU-CC and I had a great time. In the beginning I was pretty nervous because i thought I was going to be there by myself. That was until I met new friends.” 


Tyreon C. 

“My experience in Upward Bound has been very eventful and eye-opening. I’ve learned a lot about Nursing not just one type but multiple. I’ve built friendships and gained new experiences.” 


Damaris W.

“Very helpful with knowing where I want to be in the future. Helps with identifying what specific job matches best with me.”


Navah G.

“The Upward Bound program has helped me make friends and care about school more. The Upward Bound program takes high school kids to amazing trips to great colleges all over Texas. The Upward Bound program takes us to stay in the college dorms for a week and gives us the college experience that gives you a good time and activities that everyone will love. So join Upward Bound!”


Kaitlyn C.

“Upward Bound has helped me stay on top of my schoolwork. It has also helped me confirm what I want to do for my career in the nursing field. I also learned how to do CPR and central line from the nursing labs.”



“I started Upward Bound Freshman year and now I am currently a Sophomore. I’m gonna be honest from the heart, I actually enjoyed my Summer Academy teachers…They had such a lovely personality and I honestly had such comfort being around them and communicating with them. I made new friends at the Summer Academy and I’m glad we stayed friends after this as well. The classes really helped me out a lot and I would mainly like to call out English and TSI math. When I continued with taking my TSI for Reading and Math, the strategies that the TSI teacher taught me really helped me with my TSI Math because of that I’ve seen improvement in my scores for TSI. Lastly, I’d like to say that the Upward Bound Academic Successors are such lovely people and I’m glad I’m comfortable around them.” 


Emily H. 

“The Upward Bound organization has helped me in many ways with Academic Saturdays and tutoring including teaching me more about nursing, how to write a haiku, and even helping me with things I don’t understand in school.”


Katelyn D.

“The Upward Bound program has helped me immensely on planning my future and keeping more in check with my education. The program has given me an amazing experience so far with Academic Saturday. I’ve learned about many new things and the people are really nice.” 


Sarah G. 

“Upward Bound taught me a lot of things. In the Summer Academy, it prepared me for geometry and helped me meet new people. It also helped my time management and taught me on how to be prepared for college.” 



“It’s helped me be more confident, out-going, wiling to try new things, given me more hope and a clearer path for the future.”


Arianna B.

“Upward Bound is a great program that has allowed for me to learn about new things. Some of them grant me the opportunity to explore different careers that I may have not considered before. I admire that aspect of this program especially since I’m thinking about which career path to choose.”


Jezaraey R.

“The Academic Saturdays are the best ways to learn about Nursing. It can also help you prepare for the things you wanna do when you get older.”