Professional Development and Enrichment Courses

We have over 300 high-quality online courses to help you learn at your own pace and deliver specific skills and knowledge to support continuing education and advance your professional development skill set.  24/7 access. 

Our Fundamentals have two learning modalities:  Instructor-Led and Self-Paced.

Instructor-Led Courses

  • Lessons are gated and released weekly
  • Expert industry instructors/experts develop courses and interact with students on discussion boards
  • Many of our courses and programs listed below align with PMI's Talent Triangle
  • Courses have fixed monthly start dates
  • Duration of access:  6 weeks (24 hours/7 days a week)
  • 'Peer to Peer' and 'Peer to Instructor' discussions
  • Built-in automatic 10-day extension
  • Online Pay, Offline Pay, Passcodes

Self-Paced Tutorials

For students who prefer to learn at their own pace and are comfortable with self-guidance.

  • Designed to quickly deliver specific skills and knowledge that help to advance personal or professional development
  • Access to all course material, quizzes, and the final exam are at time of enrollment
  • Duration of access:  3 months
  • Peer to Peer discussion area
  • No extensions
  • Online Pay, Offline Pay

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Many of our courses and programs align with PMI's (Project Management Institute) talent triangle and approved for PDU's (Professional Development Units), such as:

Value Suites (aka pre-bundled package listed as a Suite or a Series)

Suite and Series bundles allow you to take multiple courses at a discounted price while gaining an in-depth understanding of the subject area.  When enrolling in a Value Suite, your cart will show the bundle title and below will show each course within the bundle with its own start date listed in a drop-down menu.  This option allows you to space the courses out or you can choose to take two or more courses at the same time all depending on your needs.

Areas of Study:

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