Equipment Rental Policies


  • Only TAMU-CC students, faculty, staff, and Alumni are eligible to rent Outdoor Adventures equipment. Renters must present valid SandDollar ID at the time of checkout.


  • Reservations can be made in person or over the phone up to two weeks in advance. Payment is due at time of pickup.

Equipment Checkout/Check-In and Payment 

  • Equipment checkout or check-in may only take place during Equipment Rental Program hours:
    • o Fall and spring: 9am-11am and 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday. 
    • o Summer and Winter Break: Rent by appointment. Contact Recreational Sports at (361) 825-2454 to schedule. 
  • All necessary waivers and an Equipment Rental Form must be FULLY completed at the time of payment.
  • Payment can be made in the Dugan Wellness Center at the Welcome Desk from 9am-11am and 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Rental rates are determined as follows:
    • Daily: Equipment is checked out any day and returned during rental hours the following day. 
    • Weekend: Equipment is checked out on Friday and returned during rental hours on Monday. 
    • Weekly: Equipment is checked out any day and returned during rental hours on the eighth day. 
  • Due to insurance regulations, staff may assist in the loading and unloading of gear but may not assist in securing the items to the Renter’s vehicle. Renter is liable for any damages or loss of equipment that occurs while equipment is in transit.


  • No credits or refunds will be issued for items “rented but not used” or early returns.
  • Equipment must be returned prior to or on the exact date listed on the Equipment Rental Form.


  • Penalty fees for late equipment are assessed at a daily rate for each day the equipment is out past stated return date. Total fee amount is subject to adjustment by Outdoor Coordinator.
  • Equipment must be clean and dry, as well as properly packed prior to return. Renters will be assessed a $10 penalty fee for equipment that is returned excessively wet or dirty. Renters have the option to use Outdoor Adventures supplies/equipment to clean the rented equipment themselves at the time of return in lieu of paying the penalty fee.
  • Renters may be held liable for repair or replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. Rates are subject to change based on current retail price and projected loss of life to the equipment.
  • Outdoor Adventures staff will notify the renter of any additional penalty fees assessed after return of equipment (i.e., excessively wet, dirty, or damaged) within five business days.
  • Recreational Sports Staff and Renters share the responsibility for inspecting equipment at check-in and checkout to ensure that all equipment is accounted for and in acceptable condition.
  • Renters who repeatedly return late, damage, tamper with, or lose equipment may be ineligible to rent in the future.
  • Renters may have a hold placed on their transcript or University Account until delinquent balances are paid in full.
  • Renters who fail to follow the rental policies as stated in this document may be ineligible to rent in the future.

Please be advised, when operating watercraft (i.e. kayaks, paddleboards, etc.), life jackets are required, by law, to be in the craft. TAMU-CC Recreational Sports Department is not liable for any fines received (fines can range from $25 - $500).