Personal Training

Personal Trainer Packages 

This program consists of one-hour individualized sessions led by a certified personal trainer. Each session will include an instructed warm-up, a personalized resistance program, and stretching. Those who wish to participate in the Personal Trainer Program must have a membership or be a currently enrolled student.

New Buddy Training Program 

Both buddies pay for their own package (2 Person Max) 

Sessions last approximately 1 hour
Personal Trainer will divide the hour between each participant during the session
Both buddies should be at a similar fitness level

Rent-A-PT is a 2-hour pop-up event that will happen sporadically during the workweek wherein a personal trainer will be available for free 30-minute sessions tailored to patron's needs. During these sessions, personal trainers can evaluate form, answer any fitness related questions, or simply help patrons design a workout of the day. Participation is contingent upon the completion of a PAR-Q and informed consent. Medical clearance for participation may be required. 


Leaderboard is a weekly competition held that allows Islanders to physically compete against each other. Lifts included will be squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, burpees, thrusters, rowing, running, and pushups. Islanders can come in on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm to set and break records! The competition will run from October 9th to November 21st. The top 3 males and females in each category will have their name and record on the large board in the weight room, and the first-place winners in each category will receive a prize!