Institutions of Higher Education Need ACRs

The Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR, or completed VPAT) is used in digital accessibility reviews of IT products and services. If TAMU-CC is the first to request an ACR from your company, then you are not alone. The lack of consistent messaging to you of our requirements is well-known, and it will be changing.

We follow federal and state laws and regulations to ensure access for our entire community. We do not just comply with regulations. We know that making IT accessible improves your products and services while it becomes accessible to people with disabilities.

Below is a sampling of university procedures for IT accessibility review. They all request a VPAT:

Note: Institutions of higher education (IHE) also include accessibility in their contractual language. These lists are not comprehensive. Many IHE's have website policies that focus on marketing to prospective students. Internal procedures are located on intranets.



Federal and International Guidelines

State Rules and Guidelines